2011 Bentley Continental GT

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2011 Bentley Continental GT

The new Bentley Continental GT 4-seat coupe builds on the success of its iconic predecessor, capturing that GT spirit but with even higher standards. Aluminium Super Forming technology is employed to create the front wings and the boot lid of the new Bentley Continental GT. This process heats the aluminium panels to nearly 500 degrees Celsius before shaping them by air pressure. By using a single sheet of aluminium, no seams or welding are required.

The 2011 Bentley Continental GT coupe’s new look is bolder than ever. The classic Bentley matrix radiator grille is more upright, while the new headlamp design, in traditional four-lamp format, has exquisite jewel-like detailing including eye-catching, LED daylight-running lamps.

2011 Bentley Continental GT Picture
2011 Bentley Continental GT Specs

The shape of the new Bentley Continental GT coupe’s body is also more aerodynamic following extensive wind tunnel analysis. In conjunction with a range of extensive underbody refinements (including wheel arch and exhaust aerodynamic aids) the GT’s coefficient of drag has been reduced to 0.33Cd and the lift at the front and rear axles has also been reduced to create greater stability at higher speeds.

The new Bentley Continental GT is specified with 20-inch alloy wheels as standard, with, for the first time on the Continental family, the option to upgrade to 21-inch designs. Three styles of wheel are offered – a 20-inch five-spoke version and two 21-inch Elegant and split-rim Sports variations, which come in a variety of chromed and painted finishes.
With an entirely hand-crafted interior, the Bentley Continental GT’s cabin sets new standards in refinement and luxury to create a stylish space in which up to four people can relax in total comfort.

2011 Bentley Continental GT Interior
2011 Bentley Continental GT Dashboard

The new Bentley Continental GT offers superb everyday usability. The new slim-line front seats with scalloped backs also provide a further 46mm of legroom for back-seat passengers and easy access to the rear cabin.

The 2011 Bentley Continental GT is set to have a choice of two very distinctive high-performance engines. In addition to the new 575PS version of Crewe’s renowned 6.0 litre W12 powertrain, a new high-output 4.0-litre V8 engine option will be introduced in late 2011.

At launch, the new Bentley Continental GT coupe is powered by the latest evolution of Bentley’s acclaimed 12-cylinder, 6-litre twin-turbocharged engine, now calibrated to provide even greater performance, thanks to increases in power, torque and fuel efficiency.

2011 Bentley Continental GT
2011 Bentley Continental GT

2011 Bentley Continental GT Pictures:

2011 Bentley Continental GT Dashboard2011 Bentley Continental GT Picture2011 Bentley Continental GT2011 Bentley Continental GT Specs2011 Bentley Continental GT2011 Bentley Continental GT Interior2011 Bentley Continental GT

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