2012 Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible

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Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible
The new BMW ALPINA B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible offers an extraordinary sensory experience. The all-aluminium V8 power plant produces 507hp (373kW) at a moderate 5500rpm, with a maximum torque of 700Nm between 3000rpm – 4750rpm. Two turbo-chargers configured in parallel, each feeding one of the two cylinder banks, with specially developed large diameter exhaust-turbines allow this engine configuration to provide both exceptional power output and an abundance of torque over an especially broad rpm range while maintaining excellent throttle response at low rpm.

The comprehensive high-performance cooling system comprises an indirect inter-cooling system (air-to-water/water-to-air) with short intake tracts and increased inter-cooler flow. The systems excellent thermodynamic efficiency is guaranteed by a large-volume low-temperature inter-cooler radiator, as well as two water-to-air inter-coolers placed close to the engine. High-performance MAHLE pistons are designed specifically to deal with temperatures and pressures associated with up to 1.0 bar charging and the engine’s 9.2:1 nominal compression ratio. Altogether this results in an impressive specific output of 115.3 horsepower (85kW) per litre and a mean total compression of 20.1 bar.

Direct injection and Double-VANOS contribute to the B6 Bi-Turbo’s class-leading consumption and emission figures: 10.9l/100km (25.9mpg) and 255g/km CO2 (Combined, measured according to ECE Norm).

Adapted and tested in co-operation with ZF, the advanced SWITCH-TRONIC 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission sets benchmarks. The intelligent coupling of state-of-the-art engine and transmission technologies give the BMW B6 Bi-Turbo stunning performance figures: 0-100km/h in 4.8s, and a top speed of 311km/h.

Special consideration was given to the development of the exhaust system in the B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible. A person’s sense of hearing is particularly heightened when driving with the top down, almost craving for a fantastic sound experience. For the first time, ALPINA has collaborated with Akrapovic on the development of a lightweight exhaust system made from high-strength titanium.

Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible

The BMW 6 Series is marked by an elegant and dynamic design as well as excellent aerodynamic properties. ALPINA gives the new BMW B6 Bi-Turbo a unique, powerful appearance which elegantly underlines the sporty character of this beautiful convertible.

The exterior components that influence the aerodynamic properties of the BMW B6 Bi-Turbo are not just there for aesthetic reasons – their design is subject primarily to functional premises and plays a considerable role in achieving both the top speed and in reducing fuel consumption. Take for example the front spoiler with the integrated carbon fibre front splitter. It causes more air to flow over and around the vehicle, simultaneously reducing the air masses which flow underneath by more than 10%. This leads to a noticeable stabilisation of the front-end at high speeds and plays a role in reducing any tendencies to understeer. The front spoiler, in conjunction with the rear spoiler, ensures that the BMW B6 Bi-Turbo is very well ‘tethered’ overall. Uplift on the front axle is reduced by 14% and tends towards a value of zero on the rear axle from a speed of 150 km/h onwards.

In addition to an improvement in the CX values, these components also ensure the effective flow of air to various cooler groups, such as the inter-coolers and engine cooling system. One special detail: the high-performance brakes, with a diameter of 374mm front and 345mm rear, are additionally supplied with cooling air by a specially constructed NACA air intake on the front underbody.

The double tailpipes, with a slightly elliptical shape in typical ALPINA style, are designed in titanium and carry small logos that make discreet reference to the origins of the ALPINA exhaust system made by Akrapovic. The rear valence, which attractively and elegantly frames the outlet of the tailpipes, additionally integrates the features of a diffuser.

Blue ALPINA instruments with high resolution information display with black panel LCD technology. A sport steering wheel, hand-stitched in LAVALINA leather. Blue illuminated entry sills with logo. Or the classic ALPINA exotic wood equipment in myrtle – an exclusive burl wood of the laurel family, which grows only on the Pacific coast of the USA. These are just some of the elegant features of the interior that point to the exclusive origins of the BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Cabrio.

Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible

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Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo ConvertibleAlpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible

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