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2012 Fiat Punto

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Fiat Punto 2012
The Fiat Punto 2012 comes with an updated exterior with front and rear bumpers that are a blend of the strong points of the Grande Punto, launched in 2005, and the Punto Evo, introduced to the market in 2009.

In detail, the front bumper sports new graphics that today enhance the technical and functional zones, such as the two air intakes, now enclosed in a single trapezium-shaped perimeter, and two side appendixes, which contain the direction indicators.

Now the bumper band is integrated with the rest of the bumper and is still the same colour as the body, while the round fog lights with cornering function are located in the lower air intake.

The grille is black and has a hexagonal mesh pattern on all the trim levels. It creates a sharper contrast with the body colour on the rest of the bumper.

As for the front, the rear bumper has also been redesigned with the band integrated with the rest of the bumper, and it too is painted the same shade as the bodywork. The rear fog light and reversing light are still arranged beneath it but now have an elongated shape and are integrated with the surrounding surface.

The Fiat logo is on the hatchback and now serves to unlock the doors, and the “Punto” logo is beneath it in the centre, stylised with the ruby red dot, the same colour as the Fiat logo.

Inside, the Fiat Punto 2012 offers different types of fabrics according to the trim levels have been developed for the seats: grey denim with ruby red embroidery for the Pop; Denim Extra with electro-welding in three different shades (grey, blue and red) for the Easy and Racing; and lastly a refined black Castiglio fabric with inserts and surfaces in a hexagonal pattern similar to the design of the front grille cover the anatomical configuration seats of the Lounge and Sport. The black leather upholstery is available as an optional on all the trim levels (except Pop)

The dashboard fascia, soft touch starting from the Easy trim level, is covered with a particular black 3D finish, Diamond, on the Easy and Racing versions, while the covering is made using a distinctive embossing, Stone, that emphasises the perfect blend of elegance and sportiness on the Lounge and Sport versions.

Three new metallic bodywork colours complete the list of new Fiat Punto 2012 style innovations: Glam Rock Blue, Tip Tap Red and Blues Grey.

Together with the updated look the two-cylinder 85 HP 875 cc TwinAir turbo engine is making its debut. This is what confirms the model as a perfect balance between eco-friendliness (98 g/km CO2) and driving pleasure (85 HP at 5,500 rpm of power and 145 Nm at 2,000 rpm of torque). With the specific engine control calibration, this engine brings together two different operating modes that can be selected by pressing a button on the dashboard. Normal provides full engine performance to enhance driving liveliness and spirit, while Eco, which limits the torque, reduces fuel consumption to ensure a driving style that is truly eco-friendly and more economical.

Another innovation in the field of engines is the evolution of the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet 2. By adopting two new technologies, Intelligent Alternator and Intelligent Flow, it achieves the record-breaking level of 90 g/km CO2. These technologies, together with the use of low-viscosity transmission fluid, make the Fiat Punto 2012 one of the diesel cars in its segment boasting the best CO2 emissions.

2012 Fiat Punto Pictures:

Fiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto InteriorFiat Punto 2012 InteriorFiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto 2012 InteriorFiat Punto 2012 Interior UpdateFiat PuntoFiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto 2012Fiat Punto 2012
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