2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

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2012 Honda Civic Hybrid
2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. Now with added features, new technology and the best EPA-estimated fuel economy of any sedan in the United States, the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid offers a higher fuel economy rating of 44/44/44 mpg1 city/highway/combined, up from 40/43/41 in the 2011 Civic Hybrid. Like other members of the Civic family, the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid gains new features and sleeker styling. Exclusive styling includes the front grill, headlights, taillights, wheels and side mirrors. The two available models are the Honda Civic Hybrid with cloth seats and a Civic Hybrid with leather seating surfaces. Either version can be equipped with a navigation system.

For 2012, the Honda IMA system uses lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, replacing the nickel-metal hydride batteries used in the previous two generations of Honda Civic Hybrid. The gasoline engine is the primary source of power and the electric motor, positioned in-line between the engine and transmission, provides additional power and electricity regeneration capability.

The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid uses a larger 1.5-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine, up from 1.3 liters for improved mid-range torque, which incorporates extensive friction-reducing technologies for greater efficiency. It is connected to a lighter, larger and more powerful electric motor that provides up to 23 horsepower. Total combined horsepower for the gasoline engine and electric motor is 110 at 5500 rpm and torque is rated at 127 lb-ft. at 1000-3500 rpm.

During acceleration, the engine or the engine and electric motor together propel the vehicle. During cruising, the gasoline engine and/or the electric motor can propel the vehicle. During braking, the gasoline engine deactivates and the electric motor acts as a generator to replenish the battery pack. At a stop, the engine can shut off to save fuel and reduce emissions. The engine restarts the moment the brake pedal is released.

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Picture
2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Specifications

The battery pack, located behind the rear seatback, is used to capture and store electricity for the electric motor. The 20-kW lithium-ion battery is more powerful by 5 kW and lighter than the previous generation’s battery. The IMA system’s greater power and the battery’s 35-percent increase in efficiency allow the Civic Hybrid to operate more frequently on the electric motor’s power alone in certain low-speed cruising situations. A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) helps maintain engine rpm for optimal efficiency while eliminating the “stepped” gear transitions associated with conventional transmissions.

Along with the rest of 2012 Civic line, the Honda Civic Hybrid offers a new interpretation of the current Civic’s “one-motion” mono-form shape. A sleekly raked windshield, wide stance and exclusive styling features give the Honda Civic Hybrid a sophisticated, high-tech presence. In front, there is a unique hybrid grille design with blue accents, and within the sleek headlight assemblies are blue bulb covers that provide additional distinction. Special five-spoke alloy wheels, a decklid spoiler and LED brake lights further differentiate the Civic Hybrid from other Civic models.

The Honda Civic Hybrid’s interior features a fresh take on the previous-generation Civic’s highly functional two-tier instrument layout. The new intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) is positioned in the upper tier and can present audio system information including album artwork. It can also display personal wallpaper backgrounds uploaded via the standard USB port. A unique feature of the Honda Civic Hybrid’s i-MID is a driver-feedback Eco Guide screen that monitors driving style and displays how it affects fuel efficiency. Together with the blue/green Eco Assist indicators located to the sides of the digital speedometer, the displays help drivers build awareness of and confirm fuel-efficient driving styles.

The interior of the Honda Civic Hybrid uses exclusive seat fabric and unique door panel covers for a distinctive appearance and feel. As with all Civics, high-quality materials are used throughout the cabin. Available leather-trimmed models include a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear shift lever. Automatic climate control is standard on the Honda Civic Hybrid, and the hybrid-style air conditioning compressor can continue to function on electric power when the engine is in idle-stop mode.

The Honda Civic Hybrid offers a range of standard and available audio and navigation technologies. A 160-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with six speakers is standard and Honda Civic Hybrid models equipped with the navigation system include XM Radio.

The Honda Civic Hybrid embraces Honda’s tradition of making its vehicles fun to drive by continuing to use a fully independent suspension design, a premium and exceptional feature in the entry compact segment. The front MacPherson strut and rear multi-link suspension is tuned for sporty driving fun, yet provides refined ride comfort. Ride and handling improvements are supported by a 10-percent more rigid unit-body structure resulting from enhanced structural designs and increased use of high-strength steel (55 percent compared to 50 percent on the previous model).

All Honda Civic Hybrid models are produced and assembled in the Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Suzuka, Japan manufacturing facility. The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid is covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile new car limited warranty, a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty, and a 5-year/unlimited-mile corrosion limited warranty.

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Interior
2012 Honda Civic Hybrid
2012 Honda Civic Hybrid
2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

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2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Specifications2012 Honda Civic Hybrid2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Picture2012 Honda Civic Hybrid2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Interior2012 Honda Civic Hybrid2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

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