2012 Volkswagen Beetle

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2012 Volkswagen Beetle

2012 Volkswagen Beetle. Making its world debut on April 18 2011, the New Volkswagen Beetle will enter the North American market on September/October 2011 and Europe market on October/November 2011.

The new Volkswagen Beetle breaks free of the geometry of the previous model and displays impressive sports appeal – primarily in its extended bonnet, sharply swept-back windscreen and a longer wheelbase. Modified interior ergonomics have produced an agile, driver-oriented coupé experience in the new VW Beetle. In addition, the new Volkswagen Beetle offers a distinctly improved feeling of space with its longer roof section.

No previous Beetle was this fuel efficient. High performance no longer suffices by itself: At 4.3* l/100 km (European 1.6 TDI) and 33* mpg (American 2.0 TDI), the new Volkswagen Beetle is the most fuel-efficient Beetle ever.

The new Volkswagen Beetle is 1,808 mm wide (84 mm wider), 1,486 mm tall (12 mm lower) and 4,278 mm long (152 mm longer). This has resulted in entirely new proportions. The gain in length meant that the roof could be extended further, the front windscreen could be shifted back, and the rear section could follow the contour of the original Beetle. The new focal point is the C-pillar. In parallel, the development team increased the car’s track widths and wheelbase. All of this gives the new VW Beetle a powerful appearance with muscular tension.

The new Volkswagen Beetle has an extra glovebox integrated in the front facia whose lid folds upward (the standard glovebox that is also integrated opens downward). Another classic feature: the optional auxiliary instruments above the selected audio/navigation system: oil temperature, clock with stopwatch function and boost pressure gauge. Also new: the steering wheels specially designed for the Volkswagen Beetle with optional painted accents in the spokes depending on the equipment line. Details like these clearly indicate that the occupants are in a Beetle.

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Picture
2012 Volkswagen Beetle Specifications
2012 Volkswagen Beetle Interior Pictures

A distinguishing feature of the new Volkswagen Beetle is that its interior ergonomics and packaging are based on completely new parameters. While drivers in the air-cooled Beetle travelled in a very low-slung seat, and drivers of the New Volkswagen Beetle felt as if they were chauffeured because the bonnet was so far forward, the latest Beetle now offers an agile, driver-oriented coupé experience.

In front, the Volkswagen Beetle is now somewhat lower in profile, since the domed roof of its predecessor has been eliminated. It now offers 1,044 mm interior height instead of the previous 1,082 mm. However, the 38 mm will hardly be missed, even by very tall drivers, since the New Volkswagen Beetle’s interior was a “cathedral” among compact cars. Meanwhile, in the rear seating area, the longer roof section results in a distinctly larger feeling of space. The bootspace is significantly larger; it now holds 310 instead of 209 litres. As usual, the new VW Beetle has a split, folding rear seatback, and a wide opening bootlid making it is easy to load and unload.

Engines: top fuel economy of 40* mpg and 4.3* l/100km
US diesel with 140 PS. When it comes to engines, all signs point toward sustainability. In the USA, the new Volkswagen Beetle will be offered as a turbodiesel for the first time. The Beetle 2.0 TDI (103 kW / 140 PS) meets all USA emission limits and attains 40* mpg fuel economy in the Highway cycle, 29* mpg in City driving, and 33* mpg combined.

US petrol engines with 170 PS and 200 PS. Fuel economy values were also improved in the 2.5-litre five cylinder petrol engine, which was already a success in the previous model. The manually shifted Beetle attains 22* mpg (City), 31* mpg (Highway) and 25* mpg (combined). Its counterpart with a 6-speed automatic comes in at 22* mpg (City), 29* mpg (Highway) and 25* mpg (combined) – this represents an increase of up to 10* percent in fuel economy. Pioneering: even the Beetle 2.0 TSI with 147 kW / 200 PS of power attains a combined fuel economy of 25* mpg. The large TSI is also available with an optional 6-speed DSG.

World engines with 105 PS, 140 PS, 160 PS and 200 PS. In markets such as Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand, the new Volkswagen Beetle will be offered exclusively with charged engines. All engine versions – all of them with four cylinders – are being used for the first time in this model series. The new VW Beetle exhibits significantly reduced fuel consumption and emission values compared to the previous model thanks to the switch to turbo-petrol (TSI) and common rail turbodiesel direct injection engines (TDI).

2012 Volkswagen Beetle
2012 Volkswagen Beetle
2012 Volkswagen Beetle
2012 Volkswagen Beetle

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Pictures:

2012 Volkswagen Beetle2012 Volkswagen Beetle Interior Pictures2012 Volkswagen Beetle Picture2012 Volkswagen Beetle2012 Volkswagen Beetle Specifications2012 Volkswagen Beetle2012 Volkswagen Beetle2012 Volkswagen Beetle

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