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All New Ford EcoSport

January 5, 2012 Categorized under Ford - No Comment

Ford EcoSport
The new Ford EcoSport, which makes its global debut at the Auto Expo in New Delhi India, offers the performance of a conventional 1.6-litre engine with less than 140 g/km CO2 emissions. With only three cylinders and 1.0 litre of displacement, the latest EcoBoost engine will provide fuel-efficient power for the new Ford EcoSport. The engine will have 120 PS of power mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

The direct-injection EcoBoost engine features a new compact, high performance turbocharger design. The fast response of the turbocharger and its ability to reach nearly 250,000 rpm results in virtually no turbo lag and peak torque of 170 Nm from 1,300-4,500 rpm.

The new Ford EcoSport has a contemporary shape and soprts key SUV such as a confident stance, command driving position and signature spare wheel mounted on a swing-gate at the rear of the vehicle.

The new Ford EcoSport has a completely modern look, shaped by Ford’s new global design language, aerodynamic honing for fuel efficiency, a short, raked hood and distinctive profile. The new model will eventually be sold in nearly 100 markets around the world.

Exterior highlights for the new Ford EcoSport includes A wide hood sweeps into sculpted bodylines, conveying kineticism and refined surface language. Modern, oblique headlamps frame a high-mounted trapezoidal grille which gives the vehicle an element of pride, blacked out B-pillars unify the side glass into one elegant shape. The rear of the new Ford EcoSport features a large rear window which wraps around to the sides along with distinctive taillights. A signature feature is the spare tyre attached to a swing-out door signaling EcoSport’s practicality and spirit for adventures off the beaten path.

Ford EcoSport

All New Ford EcoSport Pictures:

Ford EcoSportFord EcoSportFord EcoSportFord EcoSportFord EcoSportFord EcoSport
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